Acumen® Electrodynamic Test Systems

With force capacities up to 12kN or down to milli-Newtons, these clean and quiet systems can extend energy-efficient electrodynamic testing to many applications. The system's intuitive visual displays and software graphics simplify test setup, monitoring and modification, and the sturdy design delivers high precision and accuracy.


Test Specimens

Test Standards

Key Product Features

Easy, Intuitive Use

Simple installation, setup, test monitoring and modification

Accurate / Repeatable Results

Patent-pending software algorithms provide auto-tuning

Energy Efficient

Electric actuation uses less energy

Innovative Technology

Industry-leading performance, with up to 12 kN force capacity and axial/torsional options

Model Comparison

Acumen 1

  • Dynamic force: 1250 N (281 (lbf)
  • Static force: 850 N (191 lbf)
  • Actuator dynamic stroke: 70 mm (2.75 in)
  • Tabletop

Acumen 3

  • Dynamic force: 3000 N (670 lbf)
  • Static force: 2000 N (450 lbf)
  • Actuator dynamic stroke: 70 mm (2.75 in)
  • Dynamic torque rating: +/- 30 Nm (265 in-lb)
  • Static torque rating: +/- 21 Nm (185 in-lb)
  • Tabletop
  • Available in standard or axial/torsional configurations

Acumen 12

  • Dynamic force: 12000 N (2697 lbf)
  • Static force: 8500 N (1910 lbf)
  • Actuator dynamic stroke: 70 mm (2.75 in)
  • Dynamic torque rating: +/-120 Nm (1056 in-lb)
  • Static torque rating: +/- 84.8 Nm (746 in-lb)
  • Floor-standing
  • Available in standard or axial/torsional configurations

Featured Case Studies

Smashing Science - screwdriver bits strength test
Orthofix - testing new bone screw designs

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