Series 647 Hydraulic Wedge Grips

The Series 647 Hydraulic Wedge Grips are versatile, easy-to-load grips for a wide range of tensile and fatigue applications. The symmetrical housing design ensures an even specimen loading across the entire face of the wedge. The lateral movement of the wedges won’t change the gripping position on the specimen once the grips are activated.


Test Specimens

Test Standards

Key Product Features

Easy Specimen Insertion

Side-loading lets you quickly and easily insert specimens

Excellent Repeatability

Clamp onto your specimen in the same position, test after test, to minimize the bending strains that can invalidate your test results

Adjustable Pressure

Hydraulic pressure can be adjusted, allowing these grips to be used for testing a variety of materials

Multiple Wedge Selection

A wide variety of wedges are available to meet your testing requirements

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