Damper NVH Test Systems

Accurately replicate a broad spectrum of damper and shock absorber noise and vibration phenomena, including elusive, structure-borne “chuckle” noises that can prove especially degrading to the ride comfort and quality of electric and autonomous vehicles. The innovative Model 853 Damper NVH System is purpose-engineered for conducting high-fidelity damper NVH measurements at up to 800 Hz - essential for meaningful chuckle analysis. The versatile Model 853 is also well-suited for elastomer testing applications.


  • NVH
  • Characterization
  • Dynamic Characterization

Test Specimens

  • Dampers
  • Struts
  • Elastomeric Components

Key Product Features


Purpose-engineered to support meaningful investigation into high-frequency, structure-borne chuckle noise phenomena.


Delivers the ultra-pure, low-THD sinusoidal excitation needed for gaining high-fidelity NVH measurements at up to 800 Hz.


Blends high-bandwidth transducers, high-frequency elastomer test rig, and electrically actuated EMA damper test technology.


Well-suited for a broad spectrum of testing, ranging from damper and shock absorbers to elastomeric materials and components.

Model Comparison

Model 853 Damper NVH

  • NVH (Air-borne and structure-borne up to 800 Hz)
  • Performance Characterization (Programmable)
  • Elastomer Testing (up to 400 Hz)
  • 17.8 - 26.7 kN
  • Linear Electro-Magnetic Actuation (Aircore)
  • Single specimen
  • MTS Damper Testing Software, RPC Connect Software, MTS Elastomer Testing Software

Low-Noise EMA

  • NVH (Air-borne)
  • Performance Characterization (Programmable)
  • 8.9 – 26.7 kN
  • Linear Electro-Magnetic Actuation
  • Single specimen
  • Shock 6 (Standard) or MTS Damper Software

Technical Overview

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