RPC Software

Quickly and accurately reproduce the strains, accelerations and displacements of real world service environments on a wide variety of multi-axial test rigs. Industry renowned RPC software features an integrated suite of advanced simulation control, analysis and information management tools needed to pursue full spectrum of vehicle, subsystem and component durability testing in controlled, repeatable and efficient laboratory settings.


  • Durability

Test Specimens

  • Components
  • Sub-Systems
  • Full Vehicle

Key Product Features

Industry Standard

The world’s leading software package for data validation, analysis, laboratory simulation and test monitoring

Accelerated Testing

Maximizes laboratory productivity by quickly and efficiently transforming field-recorded data into useful test rig drive files


Open architecture features customization and automation capabilities to meet specific needs

Unmatched Expertise

Designed and supported by a uniquely qualified team of simulation and development engineers from across the global automotive industry

Model Comparison


  • Engineered for high-channel count, multi-degree-of-freedom system-level testing 
  • Full-featured, integrated suite of target data replication, fatigue analysis and durability test management tools

Component RPC Pro

  • Engineered for relatively simple, lower-channel count component- and subsystem-level testing 
  • An affordable array of streamlined, bundled tools that can be acquired as test requirements evolve

Featured Case Studies

Pan Asia Automobile Technology Center (PAATC): On the Fast Track
CED Caligny

RPC Application Tools

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