Kinematic & Compliance (K&C) Deflection Measurement Systems

Kinematic & Compliance (K&C) Deflection Measurement Systems

Apply precise motion or force input(s) into the tire patch or spindle to measure the Kinematic and Compliance deflection (K&C) properties of vehicle suspension and steering assemblies for passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks and commercial vehicles. K&C systems are available with options to determine Center of Gravity and Vehicle Inertia (CG/VIM) or characterize vehicle suspension and steering assemblies under real-world driving maneuvers.


  • Kinematic and Compliance Deflection Measurement
  • Benchmarking
  • Center of Gravity Measurement
  • Vehicle Inertia Measurement
  • Axle-Suspension Component Characterization
  • Axle/Suspension Sub-system Characterization
  • Suspension System set-up, tuning, evaluation
  • Suspension Model Verification
  • Steering Component Characterization
  • Steering Sub-system Characterization

Test Specimens

  • Passenger Cars and SUVs
  • Light Trucks
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Axle-Suspension Subsystem
  • Axle-Suspension Components
  • Steering Subsystems
  • Steering Components

Key Product Features


Employs proven, industry-leading MTS control and measurement technologies


Complete portfolio of static systems for measuring wide array of vehicles and subsystems

Accelerated Testing

Advanced hybrid simulation techniques extend K&C system utility into the early stages of vehicle design

Unmatched Expertise

More than 40 K&C systems deployed and supported worldwide

Model Comparison

Passenger Car K&C

  • ~4-5 ton vehicles
  • Passenger Cars, SUVs

Light Truck K&C

  • ~8-10 ton vehicles
  • Light Trucks, Some Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicle K&C

  • 10+ ton (Max weight is vehicle dependent)
  • Commercial Vehicles

Technical Overview

  1. Control Room
  2. System User & Analysis System Interfaces
  3. System Controller
  4. Steering & Brake Input Assemblies (Option)
  5. Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
  6. Vehicle Lift (Option)
  7. Trackwidth & Wheelbase Positioning System
  8. Body Clamp
  9. K&C System Input assembly (x4)
  10. K&C Wheel Motion Sensor (WMS)

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