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MTS Acumen Electrodynamic Test System with a 651 Environment Chamber

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MTS 651 Table-Top Environment Chamber

Series 651 Chambers Simulate Real-World Conditions

MTS Series 651 Environmental Chambers enable test teams and researchers to perform mechanical tests in conditions that closely replicate the temperatures that materials and components experience in their actual operating environments, providing confidence to the operating range of material in a real-world environment.

These chambers are ideal for research, reliability testing, quality control and production testing. Common applications include body and engine mount tests, tire cord tests, vibration isolator tests and material studies of elastomers, plastics, polymer matrix composites and laminates. They interface well with either the MTS 633 Elevated Temperature Extensometer to 540°C or non-contact MTS Advantage Video Extensometer (AVX). Chambers include a window for viewing the specimen and optical-quality glass is an option for video or laser extensometers.

To help ensure accurate and consistent results, MTS Series 651 chambers are designed to maintain a constant temperature within a few degrees of the desired setting and with very little temperature gradient across the specimen. Chambers in the 651 family provide test professionals a range of temperatures from -129°C (-200°F) to 540°C (1000°F); where heating is achieved with electrical elements and a motor-driven fan for diffused convection heat and efficient cooling is accomplished with liquid nitrogen. All chambers include a built-in temperature controller.

These dependable chambers are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide variety of floor-standing and tabletop load frames from MTS, including the MTS Acumen® Electrodynamic Test Systems, MTS Landmark® Servohydraulic Test Systems, and MTS controllers, grips and fixtures.

Whether you are performing dynamic mechanical analysis on an elastomer at -129°C (-200°F ) or performing dynamic fatigue testing on metal matrix composites at 1000°F (540°C), the MTS Series 651 Environmental Chambers bring performance, control and flexibility to your materials testing program.  Contact us today to learn more.



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