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Introducing MTS TestSuite™ TW Essential Software

Designed as a perfect complement to the MTS Exceed™ Test Systems, the new MTS TestSuite TW Essential (TWS) Software packages the power of the MTS TestSuite platform into an easy-to-use application. This software is specifically designed for monotonic testing and features many time-saving features, such as guided test setup and streamlined test execution. Best of all, MTS TestSuite TW Essential is included with an MTS Exceed test system, and you have the ability to upgrade to MTS TestSuite TW Elite if you desire more creativity in test design. 

Guided Test Setup
Operators will find it very convenient to setup tests, using screens that are clean, clear and easy to understand. The software guides the user through the entire testing process, from pre-test to post-test. Entering specimen parameters is easy with visual cues.

Streamlined Test Execution
To run a test, the operator simply chooses a test and follows the interactive menus through to completion. The test run is broken up into easy to understand steps and the operator can enter values for specimen size, calculations and more. The test sequence is created in the same way as it is in MTS TestSuite TW Elite application, with drag-and-drop activities. With MTS TestSuite TW Essential software, there are fewer activities to choose from, so creating a test procedure is faster and less complex.

Simple Reporting
With this software, reports are automatically generated at the end of the test run, making it easy to create an impressive report with little effort.

Co-Existence with MTS TestSuite TW Elite and TW Express Applications
A laboratory can have copies of MTS TestSuite TW Essential (TWS), MTS TestSuite TW Elite (TWE) and MTS TestSuite TW Express (TWX). Tests created with either MTS TestSuite TWE or TWS software can be run on any of the TestSuite TW applications. And tests created in MTS TestSuite TWS software can be edited either by MTS TestSuite TWS or TWE software.

Contact MTS to learn more today about how MTS TestSuite TW Essential software can accelerate test setup time and make test execution much simpler.



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