MTS Systems  6DOF Seismic Simulators
Pre-engineered 4 x 4 meter 6 Degree-of Freedom (6DOF) systems provide researchers a faster, more economical means for attaining high-performance seismic simulators.

Introducing Pre-engineered 6DOF Seismic Simulators

MTS recently expanded its seismic simulator (shake table) portfolio to include a new line of pre-engineered 4 x 4 meter 6 Degree-of Freedom (6DOF) systems. Prompted by strong demand for this configuration worldwide, the new line bridges the gap between MTS’ standard uni-and bi-axial systems and its large custom 6DOF shake tables, providing researchers a faster, more economical means for attaining the technology needed to reproduce real-world earthquake events accurately in controlled lab settings.

New 4 x 4 6DOF shake tables are the product of a focused MTS effort to decrease shake table delivery times and cost. MTS achieved these goals through the implementation of streamlined engineering, manufacturing and installation processes and the development of a well-defined system offering. Engineered to cover a broad spectrum of seismic testing needs, this offering comprises seven pre-engineered variants of the popular 4 x 4 configuration: Long Stroke; High Velocity; High Acceleration; High Mass Specimen; High OTM (Over Turning Moment); High Force/Velocity; and a Base configuration. Additionally, these systems feature modular designs and components, enabling efficient post-installation upgrades.

Pre-engineered MTS 4 x 4 6DOF shake tables feature the same state-of-the-art hardware, controls and software as their larger, custom counterparts:
  • Each table employs eight fatigue-rated MTS test actuators (four horizontal asymetric, four vertical double-ended) in a Vee configuration (horizontal), proven in MTS studies to be the least susceptible to the effects of actuator cross coupling. A hollow-core, steel web table design exhibits high stiffness-to-mass ratio, maximizing payload capacity while ensuring that table resonance falls outside of the test frequency range. Table hardware also includes fatigue-rated swivels and actuator mounting hardware.
  • Four reliable MTS 507 HPUs supply hydraulic power; an accumulator bank and a high-pressure blowdown manifold meet peak flow demands.
  • MTS 469D Seismic Controllers deliver precision table control and feature an array powerful simulation tools, including Degree-of-Freedom Control, Real-time Control, Three-variable Control, Adaptive Control, Specimen Dynamics Compensation (SDC), and more.
  • Optional STEX (Seismic Test Execution) Pro software combines a host of innovative seismic simulation tools with an integrated suite of applications for setting up and performing lab-based seismic qualification tests and earthquake simulations on large-scale structures, substructures and non-structural equipment and systems.
  • Optional MTS FlexDAC 20 units provide the fast data acquisition speeds and high channel-count capabilities required for evaluating the behavior of complex, full-scale structures under load. They integrate seamlessly with MTS controllers to provide a truly synchronized solution that eliminates data skew and yields exceptional test accuracy.
Contact us today and explore how MTS expertise and new Pre-engineered MTS 4 x 4 6DOF Seismic Simulators can bring speed, efficiency and confidence to your seismic test and simulation programs.


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