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MTS Echo® Test Tracking Automates Test Status Reporting

Keep your Customers Informed of Testing Milestones
How do you let your customers and stakeholders know the status of their tests? Do you wait until the test is finished and then call or email them? Or are you constantly fielding questions about test status? Now there is a much easier way to keep your customers informed of testing milestones: MTS Echo Test Tracking.

With MTS Echo Test Tracking, your customers and stakeholders can access the information they need about their test status at any time without having to interrupt your day. You will have even greater access, with the ability to monitor the progress of any test in your lab.

All Equipment
MTS Echo Test Tracking works with all the equipment in your lab, whether it is manufactured by MTS or not. The test equipment does not need to be connected to the internet and can be of any age.

Easy Setup and Integration
MTS Echo Test Tracking requires no extra equipment to be installed. Once the subscription is activated, you can start tracking progress across your lab and providing automated updates to your customers. If you already have a system that assigns tracking numbers or names to your tests, you can use the Application Programmer Interface to integrate MTS Echo Test Tracking with that system.

Simple Process
It works similar to online order tracking. Your customer receives a tracking link that allows them to see how their test is progressing. They can find out if their test has been submitted, scheduled, started or completed, and they can set up alerts to notify them when their test’s status changes. Your customers will be grateful for the immediate, up-to-date information.

Start providing a better customer experience today
Contact MTS today to learn about how a new MTS Echo Test Tracking can streamline your communications and give your customers better insight into the status of their tests.



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