Tire Test Systems Calibration

Reduce system errors and protect data accuracy with MTS Calibration Services. MTS systems experts possess a deep understanding of your test equipment, along with the methods and software required for accurate calibration, and they apply this combined expertise to optimize your tire test system performance.


Key Benefits

Accurate/Repeatable Results

Protects data integrity and complies with ISO standards

Increase Productivity

Improved data accuracy means fewer interations and higher productivity

Equipment Reliability

Better performance and reliability

Extend Product Life

Reduces system wear and helps protect your investment

Service Details

Tire Test System Calibrations

MTS offers a fixed fee calibration for standard channel calibrations or force and moment calibrations. Alternatively, MTS can perform calibrations via an MTS service plan which include zone charges and rental fees for FSE equipment. 

Calibrations should be performed at least annually or when any mechanical or electrical component is replaced or repaired that affects the system’s data channel pathway.

Current Matrix Calibration will report pre- and post-calibration data for the following activities:

  • Camber angle calibration
  • Slip angle calibration
  • Loaded radius calibration
  • Force & Moment matrix calibration
  • Inflation pressure calibration
  • Ambient temperature calibration
  • Speed calibrations for belt/roadwheel/spindle
  • Shunt calibration


Additional calibrations or verifications can include:

  • Calibrating the calibration standard
  • Verify inertial compensation operation
  • Calibrate the angle standard devices
  • Calibrate analog-to-digital (A/Ds) and digital-to-analog (D/As)
  • Calibrate infrared temperature sensors


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