Flat-Trac Rolling Road Systems

Enhance the fidelity of aerodynamic wind tunnel testing by integrating high-speed moving ground plane systems that accurately replicate ground effect conditions under test vehicles and around rotating wheels. Available in numerous configurations, Flat-Trac Rolling Road Systems are deployed worldwide to optimize racing vehicle performance, develop more fuel efficient passenger cars and study aircraft ground interactions during takeoff and landing. 



  • Drag Measurement
  • Lift Force Measurement
  • Down Force Measurement
  • Air Flow Characterization

Test Specimens

  • Full-scale Vehicles
  • Model-scale Vehicles
  • Model-scale Aircraft

Key Product Features

Industry Standard

MTS has delivered numerous custom-engineered rolling roads to racing teams, OEMs and contract labs worldwide, including: 16 single-belt, 8 five-belt systems, and 3 interchangeable systems


Through-the-belt wheel force measurement provides highly accurate measurement of individual tire lift and down forces; proprietary vacuum pre-loaded air bearings maintain flat belt operation

Durable / Reliable

Stainless steel belts exhibit outstanding durability and long life, operating at speeds approaching 325 kph for up to 300,000 km

Efficient Operation

Automated configuration features and intuitive user interfaces reduce vehicle setup time and improve test productivity

Model Comparison

Single -Belt



1/5-Belt Interchangeable

3/5-Belt Interchangeable

Optional Wheel & Model Motion Systems

Featured Case Studies

Windshear Inc.
DNW (German-Dutch Wind Tunnels)

Technical Overview

Wind Tunnel Rolling Road
  1. Model-scale Vehicle
  2. Downstream Tension-tracking Roller Assembly
  3. Under-belt Wheel Force Measurement Sensors
  4. Isolated Service Loops
  5. Yaw Bearing Plate
  6. Rolling Road Lift System
  7. Hydrostatic Bearings
  8. Talingz Sensors
  9. Upstream Drive Roller Assembly
  10. Boundary Layer Removal System
  11. Turntable
  12. Endless Belt
  13. Full-scale Vehicle

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