Flat-Trac Dynamometer Roadway

Apply driver and longitudinal inputs within a repeatable and controlled environment to evaluate the efficiency, performance and durability characteristics of a vehicle drive train while operating on a straight, smooth road.  Data generated by this system can be used for meeting WLTP (Worldwide-harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedures) requirements as well as powertrain tuning for traditional ICE or EV applications.


  • Energy Consumption
  • Powertrain Rolling Loss Measurement
  • Coast-down Measurement
  • Drivability
  • Powertrain Tuning

Test Specimens

  • Passenger Cars and SUVs
  • Light Trucks

Test Standards

  • Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure

Key Product Features

Innovative Technology

MTS Flat-Trac moving belt technology accommodates spinning tires to create a high-fidelity, real-world vehicle-to-road interface.

Accurate / Repeatable Results

Provides the vehicle-to-road interface accuracy needed to discern extremely fine changes in rolling loss from one design iteration to the next

Efficient Operation

Far more accommodating of high-throughput testing requirements than conventional roller dyno solutions


Accommodates any vehicle by varying track width, wheelbase, type of positioning, power density and bearing type

Technical Overview

  1. System User Interface
  2. System Control Room
  3. System Controller
  4. Dynamometer Roadway (Dyno) System Corner (x4)
  5. Trackwidth & Wheelbase Positioning system
  6. Utility Distribution System
  7. Pit Cover Assembly (Option)
  8. 3-link Restraint System
  9. Chiller System
  10. Air Bearing Supply System
  11. Motor Drive Cabinet

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