Flat-Trac Handling Roadway

Apply driver inputs, longitudinal accelerations, and vertical excitations into complete vehicles or axle sub-systems to assess vehicle dynamics characteristics under a complete spectrum of real-world driving scenarios.  This full-featured roadway also delivers versatility and advanced simulation capabilities needed to set-up, evaluate, and validate ADAS and autonomous vehicle technologies.


  • Handling
  • Advanced Vehicle Dynamics R&D
  • Axle/Suspension Sub-system Characterization
  • Suspension System set-up, tuning, evaluation
  • ADAS/AV Set-up, Tuning, Evaluation, Validation & Certification
  • Energy Consumption

Test Specimens

  • Passenger Cars and SUVs
  • Light Trucks
  • Axle-Suspension Subsystem

Key Product Features

Innovative Technology

Flat-Trac moving belts accommodate spinning tires to create real-world vehicle-to-road interface


Full-featured programming environment enables replication of all scenarios within a vehicle’s operational design domain

Accelerated Testing

Lab-based solution shifts functional verification forward in development to streamline final proving ground validation

Unmatched Expertise

Advanced hybrid simulation techniques extend handling roadway utility into the early stages of vehicle design

Technical Overview

  1. System User Interface
  2. Control Room
  3. Motor & Drive Chiller
  4. Hydraulic Power Unit
  5. Water Bearing Supply
  6. Trackwidth & Wheelbase Positioning System
  7. Seismic Isolation Mass with T-slot Plates
  8. Motor Drive Cabinet
  9. Pit Cover Assembly (Option)
  10. Handling Roadway System Corner (x4)
  11. In-vehicle Driving Robot (Option)
  12. Center of Gravity Restraint (CGR) System

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