Hydraulic Power Unit Upgrades

To help extend the life of your hydraulic power unit, MTS offers in-field upgrades that replace aging, non-repairable electronics and components so that you can continue to use your HPU, avoid extended unplanned downtime and take advantage of new technologies.

Key Benefits

Avoid Unplanned Downtime

Replaces outdated controls that may not be repairable


Easier-to-use touchscreen interface

Cost Savings

Compatible with cost-saving monitoring solutions

Extend Product Life

Upgraded run-on-demand feature reduces pump wear

Service Details

An MTS field service engineer will visit your site and upgrade your HPU's critical electrical and mechanical subassemblies. Our most commonly performed upgrade makes an MTS SilentFlo 505G1 HPU into an MTS SilentFlo 505G1+ HPU, which brings this older model up to the second generation capability and makes it compatible with MTS SilentFlo 515 models. Upgrades for other MTS HPU models may be available, please contact your MTS service sales representative for more information.

Why It Matters


The first generation MTS SilentFlo 505 HPUs were introduced in 1998 and were built with now-obsolete electronics from that era. Upgrading these units with modern controls will extend their usable life.

mts silentflo 505 hpu

MTS SilentFlo 505G1+ Upgrade Benefits

Equipment Life Extension

  • Modern controls & touchscreen interface improve usability and protect against threat of PLC failure and unplanned downtime
  • Updated Run-on-Demand capability that uses hour balancing to equalize pump run time, reducing pump wear

Improved Safety & Operation

  • Upgraded from PL-c to PL-d safety standards, incorporating indirect feedback into the redundant safety loop
  • New AUX contacts to control an external device such as a warning lamp or remote cooling circuit

Compatibility with Cost Saving Technologies

  • Can use MTS equipment monitoring systems like Multi-Pump Control Manager and MTS Echo HPU Monitoring
  • Can incorporate newer, more energy-efficient pump modules

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