HPU Health Check

With an MTS SilentFlo HPU Health Check, you receive professional diagnosis and analysis of your HPU’s operating condition. By measuring things such as electrical current draw, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic flow, and fluid condition and cleanliness, MTS can determine current operational state and make recommendations for increasing efficiencies.

Key Benefits

Lower Lifetime Costs

Address potential issues before they lead to costly repairs

Unmatched Expertise

Professional evaluation of HPU operating condition

Optimize Performance

Keep HPU running in optimal condition

Reduce Downtime

Receive recommendations for increasing efficiencies

Service Details

An MTS field service engineer will perform the HPU Health Check onsite. After the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed report regarding the health of your individual HPU modules, and the results from the optional MTS Fluid Analysis. Additionally, you’ll receive actionable recommendations to improve the health of your HPU. 


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