Fluid Analysis

Receive an extensive assessment of hydraulic fluid condition with MTS Fluid Analysis. We’ve partnered with ExxonMobil Oil Corporation to customize the Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis services to MTS requirements. With parameters that are designed specifically for servohydraulic test equipment and measurements that are rarely found in other analysis offerings, you’ll get the data you need to optimize equipment performance. 

Key Benefits

Equipment Reliability

Proactively address issues

Optimize Performance

Checks and adjustments improve system performance

Reduce Downtime

Minimize risk of unplanned downtime

Extend Product Life

Cost-effective way to increase product life

Service Details

mts fluid sampling tool

Superior Sampling Tools & Analysis Parameters

With MTS Fluid Analysis you get the right analysis for servohydraulic test systems and the freedom to conduct the sampling yourself or have it done by an MTS field service engineer.


For the best sampling results if you are taking the sample, we recommend following the guidelines found in the sample packaging and using the patented MTS fluid sampling tool. You can then submit your sample, and we’ll register your site information, analyze the sample and email a results report to you.


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