Transmission Test System

Simulate a broad range of engine dynamics in controlled, repeatable laboratory settings to gain deep insight into the performance of automotive drivetrain systems and components. Featuring compact, power-dense MTS permanent magnet dynamometers, state-of-the-art power electronics and advanced controls, these systems deliver the high speeds, torque and dynamic performance required for meaningful traction control investigations and noise, vibration and harshness testing.


  • Performance
  • Traction Control Studies
  • Powertrain Tuning
  • NVH

Test Specimens

  • Drivetrain Systems
  • Drivetrain Components
  • Transmissions
  • Transfer Cases
  • Trans-axles
  • Gear Boxes

Key Product Features

First-of-a-kind Technology

Developed for Formula 1 gear box testing, proprietary MTS permanent magnet dynamometers combine low inertia, high torque and short response time


Engine torque pulse control capabilities enable high-fidelity simulations of individual cylinder firing torque through each revolution


Configurable for 2WD or AWD drivetrain and component testing, high-horsepower vehicle development, stability system calibration and transmission shift tuning

Accelerated Testing

Can be integrated with virtual vehicle and driving environments, and vehicle ECUs or CAN networks to conduct vehicle level simulations earlier in development

Technical Overview


1. High Dynamic Wheel Replacement Dynamometers

Rated Torque

2500 Nm continuous / 4100 Nm peak

Max Speed

3100 RPM


0.6 kg-m2

Acceleration Rate

65000 RPM/s

2. Drivetrain Dynamometer

Rated Power

up to 750 kW (1000 HP)

Max Speed

9000 RPM (12000 RPM optional)

Rated Torque

up to 1200 Nm


0.1 kg-m2

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