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Apply highly precise steering torque, lateral and vertical inputs to characterize, test and tune electric and hydraulic power steering systems. Available in compact 3- and 5-axis configurations, these systems are deployed worldwide by suppliers and OEMs to evaluate steering durability and characterization for passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks under real world loading conditions. 


  • Durability
  • Characterization

Test Specimens

  • Electric Power Steering Systems
  • Hydraulic Power Steering Systems

Key Product Features


A highly sensitive low-torque steering head module accurately replicates vehicle input stiffness and inertia, and features a six-axis positioner to match vehicle geometries exactly

Industry Standard

FlexTest controls and RPC software provide a highly flexible programming environment, offering function generation, time history playback and block cycle loading,


Optional environmental chambers, vehicle bus integration solutions and a human-in-the loop interface can be integrated to accommodate evolving test requirements

Accelerated Testing

MTS Steering Systems can be integrated into hybrid simulations to extend test system utility into the early stages of vehicle design

Model Comparison

Model 335

Base-level system, designed to handle the bulk of a lab’s steering system testing

  • Basic durability and performance testing
  • Steering inputs (angle/torque)
  • Lateral inputs (x2)

Model 337

Advanced system, engineered for highly accurate replication of real-world service environments

  • Sophisticated durability bench-marking and characterization 
  • Steering inputs (angle/torque)
  • Lateral inputs (x2)
  • Vertical inputs (x2)

Technical Overview

Steer System
  1. Low-Torque Steering Head Module (steering Input)
  2. Power steering pump drive system
  3. Power steering fluid temperature conditioning
  4. FlexTest Controller
  5. User Interface
  6. T-Slot Bed Plate
  7. Tie Rod Inputs (335: lateral; 337: lateral & vertical)
  8. Steering Rack Reaction Fixture
  9. Hydraulic Distribution/Accumulation
  10. Steering System Test Specimen

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