Model 814 Spinning Torsion System

Replicate a broad range of real-world engine torsional vibration phenomena to analyze, evaluate and validate the damping and vibration in automotive clutch systems. Designed to accommodate both manual and automatic transmissions, the Model 814 can be configured for testing clutch dampers, entire clutch assemblies and front-end accessory drive components.


  • Clutch Damping and Vibration

Test Specimens

  • Clutch Dampers
  • Clutch Assemblies
  • Clutch Accessories

Key Product Features


FlexTest digital controls and MTS transducers combine to provide precision control and monitoring of angular displacement, acceleration and torque


Covers a broad range of torque and speed requirements to test clutch dampers, assemblies and accessories for both automatic and manual transmissions

Innovative Technology

Employs an advanced spinning torsional actuator to apply real-world engine vibrations to clutch systems and components

Efficient Configurations

Available in compact bench or easy-to-setup and access platform styles

Model Comparison

Bench Style

  • Compact Footprint
  • Built-in Drip Tray
  • Motor mounted beneath bench

Platform Style

  • Low-to-floor Configuration
  • Easier specimen installation
  • Easy access to motors and belts
  • Drip tray not included

Technical Overview

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