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Learn more from a diverse set of applications
Mechanical testing provides exciting insight into the characteristics and behavior of biomaterials. At MTS, we work with customers around the world in a wide variety of industries and applications, and are often amazed at the connections that can be made between what at first seem like disparate applications. At our recent Aerospace Users’ Group meeting, attendees were inspired by the new discoveries and testing techniques from the automotive and energy industries. In a similar fashion, we would like to include new articles and perspectives in this e-newsletter. In addition to articles about biomaterial testing, we will intersperse information about other material test applications to provide a wider window on the world of materials testing.

New ideas
Future articles may include stories about the challenges in high-temperature testing of turbine components for aerospace engines or the characterization of elastomeric materials for the automotive industry. Hearing about how other material scientists, researchers and product developers are solving their complex materials testing challenges is another way to keep a fresh perspective and innovate in your field.

Let us know how we’re doing
After we’ve completed a couple of issues with the new format, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you find these stories interesting and inspiring? Are you learning anything new? What types of information would you like to see covered in the future? Do you have a great story to tell? Please contact us at with any suggestions about this e-newsletter that you may have.


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