Routine Maintenance for Bionix Systems

Test results are only as accurate as the equipment used to get those results. Load frames that are well-maintained produce more accurate and repeatable test results, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can trust your data. Rely on MTS to perform the checks and adjustments necessary to get the best results possible from your load frame tests.

Key Benefits

Equipment Reliability

Proactively address issues

Optimize Performance

Checks and adjustments improve system performance

Reduce Downtime

Minimize risk of unplanned downtime

Extend Product Life

Cost-effective way to increase product life

Service Details

MTS field service engineers know what to do to keep your load frame running as it should. We check the crosshead, frame, actuator, hydraulic service manifold, hoses, cables and grips to make sure there isn’t excessive wear or leakage. We bleed the crosshead lift cylinders, charge accumulators, and verify performance parameters. At the end of each routine maintenance visit, we’ll provide a report of all services performed, current equipment condition and any recommendations, if necessary.


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