Criterion® Custom Test Systems

In North America, we can update the MTS Criterion Test System's user interface with an ergonomic adjustable touchscreen PC system and accessory mounting channels, add more capability with custom fixtures designed to fit your testing needs, or integrate third-party accessories, components or sub-systems, including automation solutions. See some of our customization options below.


Test Specimens

Key Product Features

Ergonomic Enhancements

Add frame-mounted touchscreen and controls

Additional Functionality

Add axial-torsional or other capabilities

Custom Fixtures

Add fixtures designed for your application

Advanced Safety Features

Add automated crosshead speed reduction

Full Product Information

Our engineering team in Westerville, Ohio designs and builds our custom Criterion test systems. Before the start of the project, you'll meet with the engineering team to discuss requirements and scope. They will then generate a quote and work with you to finalize the design. From there, they'll build the system to the agreed upon specifications. After your acceptance, the system will be shipped to you and installed by our MTS field service team.


For custom fixture & system inquiries, please contact your MTS sales representative to start the process. 


Custom Solution Examples

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