Hybrid Simulation: Vehicle Bus Integration

Create a simulated vehicle bus system environment in which active or semi-active system ECUs are provided correct, mission critical signals to ensure that components, subsystems and full vehicles under test respond on a physical test rig as they would in a real-world service environment. MTS Vehicle Bus Integration solutions provide test engineers the tools they need to manage these complex on-board controls and effectively integrate advanced mechatronic systems into laboratory simulations.




  • Durability

Test Specimens

  • Active and Semi-active Components and Subsystems

Key Product Features

Accurate / Repeatable

Ensures that every component present in the test specimen operates as expected, maximizing durability test fidelity

Industry Standard

Integrates FlexTest field bus interfaces and renowned RPC application software for playout, recording, data acquisition and event management

Unmatched Expertise

Leverages the unrivaled durability testing acumen of MTS Staff, R&D and Systems Integration engineers

Technical Overview

Vehicle Bus Integration

Modern vehicles contain a large number of electronic controllers which depend on a myriad of input signals to perform their mission. Providing these controllers with the correct inputs is critical when a vehicle subsystem is tested in isolation. MTS test systems possess the capability to create a simulated vehicle environment so that every component present in the test specimen operates as expected.

  • A real-time vehicle model operates in conjunction with the test system to create the signals that are fed to the specimen electronic controllers.
  • Vehicle network of various protocols such as CAN or LIN are physically implemented together with the corresponding messages.

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