MTS SmartService™ Experience

What if you could stand in front of a test system and easily see important information about its service history? The MTS SmartService solution provides complimentary tools that enable this revolutionary on-demand, real-time access to service records.

Key Benefits


Access calibration certificates and service visit reports right at the test system

Extend Equipment Life

System health & service history records help you make decisions about proper system care

Enhance Productivity

Receive alerts to plan for next required calibration or maintenance visit

Cost Efficient

Easily track service history at no additional cost

Service Details

An MTS field service engineer tags test equipment with a near-field communication sticker that has an embedded chip that uses the same type of technology found in mobile payment systems. This SmartTag sticker allows for quick retrieval of service information by “tapping” the tag with a device enabled with the MTS SmartService app. As we perform maintenance, repairs, calibrations and other services, we  use the SmartTag as an identifier to store service history and reports.
Apps for the MTS SmartService solution are available for iOS on the App Store as well as for desktop on Windows PCs.


Why it Matters

With your MTS SmartService app-enabled device, you can walk up to any system with a SmartTag and pull up its entire service history. This simple, free and convenient way to track equipment service will help you maximize uptime and it is all part of the MTS Service experience.

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