Pipe & Coupling Test Systems

Apply high-force tension and compression loads, simultaneous bending, and extreme internal pressures and temperatures to tubing, premium connectors and well bore casings to meet the requirements of ISO 13679 and API RP 5C5 standards. Custom MTS pipe and coupling test systems are deployed worldwide, helping energy companies understand the performance and durability characteristics of pipeline infrastructure under even the most extreme operating conditions in controlled, repeatable laboratory environments.


  • High-force Testing
  • Tension
  • Compression
  • Bend
  • Pressurization - Internal
  • Thermal Characterization - Internal

Test Specimens

  • Premium Connectors
  • Couplings
  • Tubing
  • Piping
  • Well Bore Casings

Test Standards

  • API RP 5C5
  • ISO 13679

Key Product Features

Accurate/Repeatable Results

Superior frame stiffness, MTS FlexTest controls and software, multi-beam high force load cells and MTS Temposonic transducers provide accurate and repeatable results

Innovative Solutions

Designed with a unique pivoting cross-head/actuator assembly allowing the simultaneous application of axial forces and bending moments to the test article

Integrated Solution

Engineered to integrate loading, controls, data acquisition, internal pressurization and safety systems

Unmatched Expertise

Knowledgeable system integration engineers setup, commission and provide training on the system and testing methods

Model Comparison


  • High-force Tension/Compression


  • High-force Tension/Compression
  • Bend (End Moment)


  • High-force Tension/Compression
  • Bend (4-point, subsystem not shown)
  • Elevated Internal Pressure/Temperature

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