MTS Non-Torque Loading (NTL) Systems

Apply precise, extremely high-force rotational and off-axis loading to wind turbine drive train and bearing systems to study their performance and durability characteristics under a full-spectrum of real-world operating conditions. Available in a range of capacities, these highly robust systems are deployed worldwide to help achieve critical improvements in wind turbine reliability.


  • Performance Under Load
  • Static Deflection and Stiffness Measurement
  • Durability
  • System Simulation and Verification

Test Specimens

  • Nacelle Assemblies
  • Drivetrain Systems
  • Drivetrain Components
  • Main Bearing Systems
  • Yaw Bearing Systems

Test Standards

  • International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Specification 61400-23

Key Product Features

Innovative Technology

Integral low-friction hydrostatic bearing technology delivers superior dynamic performance

Accurate / Repeatable

State-of-the-art MTS controls and software ensure high-fidelity simulations and optimum test accuracy


Ideal for optimizing nacelle assemblies, drivetrain systems and components, and blade pitch, yaw and main bearing systems

Efficient Operation

Robust, efficient designs result in low cost of operation, high uptime and long life

Model Comparison

Bearing Configuration

Replicates rotor hub and blade loading for performing
mechanical tests on:

  • Main bearing systems
  • Blade pitch bearings
  • Yaw bearings

Drive Train Configuration

Apply real-world rotational and off-axis loading for optimizing the
reliability of:

  • Complete nacelle assemblies
  • Complete drive train systems
  • Drive train components
  • Gear boxes
  • Bearing Systems

Featured Case Studies

National Renewable Energy Centre (Narec)

Technical Overview

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