Wave Generators

Simulate the effect of ocean waves on floating and offshore structures or the effect of tsunami forces on coastal structures and coastlines. These specialty wave simulation systems are custom designed to meet the desired profiles such as wave height, wave period and water depth.

Key Product Features


MTS works with our customers to understand their testing needs and help with the design process

Global Coastlines

2D Wave Flumes can be used to investigate coastline erosion and help with damage prevention strategies

Energy Industry

3D Wave Basins can be used to simulate ocean wave loading on offshore oil rigs and stay cables

Proven Standard

MTS has collaborated with some of the top wave research institutions including Oregon State University, Deltares, and the Institut Natinoal de la Recherche Scientifique

Model Comparison

3D Wave Basin

  • 3D Wave Basins feature multiple actuator panels for generating various wave shapes
  • Capable of multi-direction wave generation
  • Basin size has much wider area than a flume
  • Best for testing off-shore or floating structures such as oil rigs, wind turbines and vessels

2D Wave Flume

  • 2D Wave Flumes feature long, narrow passages for generating higher waves
  • Capabale of single direction wave generation
  • Flumes are typically very long and narrow
  • Best for testing how coastal structures or coastlines are affected by tsunami wave forces


Technical Overview

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