Bionix EM Torsion Test System

Through integration of an electromechanical load frame and advanced controls, MTS provides a safe, easy and reliable testing solution for components and tools subject to torque. Used to characterize orthopaedic and medical device specimen, this versatile system can also be used to test electronics, general materials and fasteners.


  • Multi-cycle torsion with static tension or compression loading
  • Monotonic torsion with static tension or compression loading

Test Specimens

  • Orthopaedic Constructs
  • Orthopaedic Tools
  • Medical Device Components
  • Connectors

Key Product Features

Innovative Design

Axial loading system that allows switching from tension to compression without disturbing test setups


Provides precision control over the amount of torque applied to specimens

Advanced Safety Features

Retractable test space enclosure with integrated safety interlocks


Large test space with adjustable torque carriage accommodates changing needs

Technical Overview

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