Workmanship Standards

Workmanship Standards present the requirements for quality and consistency of our product in the clearest practical manner. This includes criteria of acceptability and/or reject-ability to which products are designed, manufactured, inspected, tested and installed.

Please be sure to ask your Procurement representative for the most current revision of these standards.

General Cleaning and Packaging 
»  Condition of Aisles, Walkways and Work Areas01-03 Rev. A
»  Foreign Objects / Debris01-01 Rev. A
»  Protective Packaging01-02 Rev. D 
Metal Fabricated Materials 
»  Welding - Finishing of Welds02-01 Rev. A
»  Machining - Chips, Burrs, and Sharp Edges02-02 Rev. A
»  Machining - Mill Steps, Tool Marks, Chatter Marks02-03 Rev. A
»  Machining - Threads, Internal and External02-04 Rev. A
»  Machining - Countersinks02-05 Rev. A
»  Casting – Cast Aluminum – Smeared Material02-06 Rev. A
»  Casting – Surface Appearance02-07 Rev. A
Electronic Assemblies and Cabling 
»  Normative Standards for Electronic Assemblies
   and Cabling
03-01 Rev. B
Engineering and Design 
»  Normative Standards for Computer Aided
04-01 Rev. B
»  Normative Standards for Hydro-Mechanical
04-02 Rev. A
Protective Finishes 
»  Cosmetic Conditions of Finished Surfaces -
05-01 Rev. A
»  Identification Methods for Finished Surfaces05-02 Rev. A
»  Painted Surfaces05-03 Rev. A
»  Plated Surfaces05-04 Rev. A

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