Supplier Diversity

The MTS Supplier Diversity Program helps to maintain equal accessibility to MTS purchasing opportunities for businesses of all sizes and types, including small businesses and those owned and operated by minorities, veterans and women. This supplier diversity mirrors the diversity of our employees and customers worldwide, and it allows for a more equitable distribution of economic support across the communities in which we live and work.  
Organizations recognized by the MTS Supplier Diversity Program include:

» Small businesses
» Small disadvantaged businesses
» Women-owned small businesses
» Veteran-owned businesses
» Service-disabled, veteran- owned businesses
» Historically black colleges, universities and minority institutions
» HUB Zone small businesses

You can find an MTS booth and Procurement representatives at most MMSDC trade fairs:

For further clarification regarding Supplier Diversity see the SBA website:

If you represent one of these diverse business categories, please contact us at