Business is strong for MTS Systems Corporation. As we enter our 50th year in operation, our momentum continues to build. MTS continues to deliver exceptional value to customers, employees, business partners and shareholders through our superior technology and service offerings.

Strong markets. MTS maintains a technology leadership position in the thriving areas of global R&D, product development and industrial manufacturing. Around the world, wherever there are rapidly growing and changing markets, MTS solutions and expertise are proving instrumental.


Leading technology. Every day, a growing portfolio of MTS testing and sensing solutions help our customers bring new products to market with greater speed, precision and confidence. The world is changing more rapidly than ever, and we continue to deliver solutions to help customers confidently navigate this increasingly complex world.


World-class customers. We are fortunate to call many of the world’s leading companies our customers and our industry-leading position ensures that we will be a trusted resource for years to come. We work closely with these global visionaries to help them build competitive advantage while enhancing operational consistency at their locations worldwide.

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