V34 - MAT - Product 1
Integrated support for induction coil and knobs for repeatable positioning.

MTS Thermomechanical Fatigue (TMF) Standard Solution Significantly Reduces Setup Time

The MTS TMF Standard Solution is designed to significantly reduce test setup time — often from months to weeks or even days. Its unique air cooling fixture reduces variability during test setup and allows for easy, efficient specimen changes while improving throughput and protecting data integrity.

Air Cooling Fixture
The specially designed air cooling fixture features arms with cooling flow adjustment settings for repeatability and to focus areas of cooling. The arms are also detachable, eliminating the need for hose management while providing easy access to the specimen.

Repeatable, 3-Dimensional Positioning
Coil support and handling is integrated into the fixture and offers 3-Dimensional positioning of the induction coil. Knobs with numeric indication provide repeatable, fine positioning of coils and air flow in relation to the specimen ensuring test consistency.

Thermocouple Connector Kit
Easy connections and short leads provided in the Thermocouple Connector Kit minimize waste.

Video Manuals
The manuals for MTS TMF Standard Solution are in video format allowing for faster understanding and setup while providing helpful and detailed information for users.

Refined Testing Templates
Rewritten to improve test flow for setup and test execution.

The MTS TMF Standard Solution package includes everything needed for highly efficient, accurate and repeatable testing. The solution satisfies regulatory compliance to CE and NRTL requirements.

Learn more today about how the MTS TMF standard solution can help you significantly reduce setup times and improve repeatability with your thermomechanical fatigue testing.


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