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Model 653 High-Temperature Furnaces

Engineers rely on high-temperature testing to understand exactly how material properties change with temperature. MTS Model 653 High-Temperature Furnaces and Model 409.83 temperature controllers provide the functionality and convenient design for operators to generate accurate data and optimize productivity in the lab.

MTS has validated furnace performance to 1000°C in only 30 minutes, making them a cost-effective choice for high-temperature fatigue testing of metals, composites, ceramics and other materials.

Every furnace features a stainless steel exterior. A convenient clamshell design enables easy access to both fixturing and specimens, and pivot bearings built into the mounting bracket ensure smooth opening and closing. Inside the furnace, silicon carbide heating elements and an alumina and zirconia fiber insulation system minimize heat loss and prolong furnace life.

Model 653 furnaces can be configured for one, two or three heating zones. All multi-zone furnaces include an independent controller for each zone, which enables operators to manage gradients effectively and maintain a uniform temperature across the specimen.

The Model 653 furnace is also key component for the new High-Temperature High-Cycle Fatigue (HCF) and High-Temperature Low-Cycle Fatigue (LCF) Standard Solutions, enabling materials researchers to eliminate the time and expense typically associated with configuring and integrating complex high-temperature test setups.

Learn more right now about how MTS Model 653 High-Temperature Furnaces can help you perform accurate high-temperature tests.  

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