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Bring HPU to current operating standard

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Centralized control of hydraulic distribution with Multi-Pump Control Manager

Improve Operation and Enable Remote Monitoring with HPU Upgrades

New-generation MTS SilentFlo™ Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) redefine how intelligently and flexibly test labs can control and monitor their fluid power. With a simple, convenient in-field electronics upgrade, facilities using first-generation SilentFlo HPUs can now have access to these same intelligent control capabilities. The upgrade is a scheduled event that is performed onsite by an MTS Field Service Engineer and is typically completed within one business day to allow for minimal interruption to your test schedule.

Available for MTS SilentFlo Model 505.60 – 505.180 HPUs, this upgrade demonstrates our ongoing commitment to helping customers realize the longest service life — and greatest value — from their MTS technology investments. With the addition of a networkable PLC and new touchscreen interface, users of first-generation SilentFlo HPUs will be able to leverage a wider portfolio of solutions offering valuable time-, cost- and energy-saving advantages, including:

  • The MTS Fluid Power System Management Solution that consolidates hydraulic power system operation, status information and flow management into a single, seamless and intuitive user experience. With the open exchange of information between the control room and individual test stations, lab personnel can precisely manage individual station consumption demands from a central location.
  • HydraulixSM Fluid Condition Monitoring that enables the remote, around-the-clock monitoring of hydraulic fluid condition, plus ongoing professional fluid sampling and evaluation to extend test equipment longevity.
This upgrade also brings first-generation SilentFlo units up to SIL 2-compliance, which is the current HPU safety system standard. In addition, it establishes a common interface between past and current SilentFlo generations, so that both can be seamlessly integrated into the same hydraulic fluid power system.

Another option to extend the operating life of your HPU is a SilentFlo Pump/Motor Module Onsite Exchange. The pump/motor module exchange offers a quick, easy and cost-effective way to replace the power generation part of your HPU when it shows signs of wear. An MTS field service engineer visits your facility to install a fully warranted, remanufactured pump/motor module in place of the original, giving you restored performance at minimum cost.

Upgrade today
If you have one or more large-platform, first-generation SilentFlo HPUs installed at your test facility, an upgrade plan can provide a simple way to dramatically enhance your fluid management capabilities. An upgrade will improve your HPU’s performance, help manage energy costs and offer the opportunity for remote monitoring of the entire hydraulic system.

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