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High-Performance Accessories for New MTS Criterion™ Universal Systems

To extend the utility of the new MTS Criterion™ 45.305 and MTS Criterion™ 64.206 Universal Test Systems, we have expanded our selection of dependable, versatile MTS accessories. These accessories are available in two families: the MTS Fundamental™ accessories family featuring superior durability at a value price; and the MTS Advantage™ family, engineered to deliver superior precision and flexibility for research and advanced development applications.

New accessories for the MTS Criterion 45.305 Electromechanical Test System include an expanded offering of specialized fixtures and wedge grips, bend fixtures, platens and load cells, along with a new set of fixtures for testing threaded fasteners.

For the MTS Criterion 64.206 Static-Hydraulic Test System, we offer a new set of integrated open-faced hydraulic wedge grips with a range of gripping faces for both flat and round specimens. We also introduced fixtures for these wedge grips that are designed for testing high-strength threaded fasteners. A new 2-mN bend fixture also facilitates the precise and repeatable testing of structural beams, steel, and high-strength composites using the MTS Criterion 64.206 system.

These new additions are part of a vast and ever-growing selection of high-performance MTS accessories for MTS Criterion test systems, including:
•  Tensile grips
•  Compression platens
•  Bend fixtures
•  Environmental systems — furnaces, chambers and fluid baths
•  Precision contacting and non-contacting (laser and video) extensometers

Learn more today about how MTS Fundamental and Advantage accessories can help you extend utility of your MTS Criterion test systems.

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