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High-Temperature Low-Cycle Fatigue (LCF) Standard Solution

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LCF Turnkey System        HCF Turnkey System

Perform High-Temperature Tests Quickly and Confidently

Two new offerings from MTS give materials researchers everything required to quickly establish or expand high-temperature testing capabilities — while minimizing cost and risk. Representing decades of MTS materials testing expertise and technology leadership, the new High-Temperature High-Cycle Fatigue (HCF) and High-Temperature Low-Cycle Fatigue (LCF) Standard Solutions are engineered to help materials researchers eliminate the time and expense typically associated with configuring and integrating complex high-temperature test setups.

These standard solutions include everything required to test to ASTM standards — immediately. Each configuration is validated by MTS research and development engineers to meet applicable ASTM requirements, so test engineers can begin testing quickly and confidently.

The core of each solution is a subsystem dedicated to a specific high-temperature application. The HCF and LCF subsystems both feature a tightly integrated assembly of high-quality MTS components, including a three-zone furnace, temperature controller, hydraulic grips with high-temperature furnace extensions, a thermal gradient verification kit and software with standards-compliant test software templates. The LCF subsystem also features a high-temperature extensometer.

In addition to the subsystem, the standard solutions include a high-performance MTS Landmark® test system with a robust Model 370 servohydraulic load frame, a fatigue-rated load cell, versatile FlexTest® controls, MTS TestSuite™  software and a clean, quiet SilentFlo™ hydraulic power unit.

Because it is critical for materials researchers to have complete confidence in the integrity of the test setup, High-Temperature Standard Solutions also offer three levels of installation support. With Level 1 support, MTS installs and integrates the solution in your lab, then conducts a functional check of the thermal subsystem. With Level 2 support, our technicians validate the thermal performance of the entire solution. With Level 3 support, MTS technicians also validate the thermal performance of any customization your solution requires, such as a unique specimen.

Learn more about how MTS Standard Solutions can improve productivity in your lab and rapidly expand your high-temperature testing capacity.

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