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New MTS Echo™ Software: Monitor any test, at any time, from anywhere

Imagine having access to the status of your test without being on the lab floor — or even at your office. Imagine knowing that all is running smoothly at one or more locations with a quick glance at your smartphone, tablet or PC, and receiving an e-mail or text message as a test’s status changes.

You can do all of this and more with the new MTS Echo™ software that is included with the latest version of MTS Series 793 software. This breakthrough, web-based solution lets you apply the remote connectivity advantages of mobile devices toward your test program. Authorized users get secure, simple, on-demand access to real-time test system statistics at any hour of the day — and from anywhere in the world. An Internet connection is all you need.

Enhance productivity. Quickly respond to issues and avoid delays caused by unexpected interruptions, without requiring a test operator to stay on site to continually monitor a test. You’ll arrive at work in the morning facing fewer unknowns, helping you more efficiently allocate your time and resources. 

Increase uptime. See any signal just moments after it occurs, or view the entire lab status from a single screen. This visibility and responsiveness will keep your test equipment at peak capacity more of the time, helping you meet more aggressive deadlines and keep projects on schedule.

Streamline communications. By viewing real-time information from your mobile device, you can answer more test status questions without having to take a trip to the lab floor. In addition, rather than fielding questions from customers or colleagues about test status, you can provide them with direct, secure access to the information themselves.

Put MTS Echo to work for you

MTS Echo software is included with the latest version (5.5) of the MTS Series 793 controller software that powers your MTS FlexTest controller. Learn more today about how this solution can benefit your test program.



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