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The new MTS Criterion Family

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New MTS TestSuite TW Software

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Supporting the evolving needs of advanced research & development

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Meeting the rigorous demands of manufacturing QA/QC

Introducing MTS Criterion™ Universal Test Systems

MTS Criterion Test Systems comprise a new family of versatile, high-performance monotonic testing solutions. This family includes a comprehensive offering of hardware, software and accessories, all engineered to address the monotonic testing demands of a diverse spectrum of users, ranging from the pioneering researcher to the high-volume manufacturer. You’ll find the integrated solutions you need to perform precise, dependable testing on everything from thin-film plastics to high-strength steel.

The MTS Criterion product family includes:
•  MTS TestSuite TW software, the latest, easy-to-use addition to the
   modular MTS TestSuite platform
•  High-resolution MTS controllers
•  Reliable, Series 40 electromechanical load frames
•  Robust Series 60 static-hydraulic load frames
•  A full complement of grips, platens, fixtures, furnaces, environmental
   chambers, fluid baths and extensometers (contacting and non-contacting)

MTS Criterion Systems leverage decades of MTS mechanical testing expertise, technology leadership and unmatched global support to deliver highly accurate, reliable and repeatable performance. Their introduction is the result of continuous MTS investment into sustainable, globally compliant hardware and software platforms, and also a testimony to MTS’ commitment to the advancement of materials testing worldwide.

MTS Criterion Systems can be rapidly configured, delivered and set up to meet specific testing requirements. All MTS Criterion systems are backed by the industry-leading MTS Global Service and Support organization, a highly experienced team committed to providing test application and systems integration expertise, as well as maintaining system uptime and operational efficiency.

Wide range of applications
The MTS Criterion family provides the complete solution for fulfilling almost any monotonic testing requirement — tension, compression, flex/bend, peel tear, etc. — across a very broad spectrum of material types, including:
•  Metals
•  Composites
•  Polymers
•  Construction materials
•  Wood and paper products
•  Biomedical products
•  Fibers and textiles
•  Adhesives and coatings
•  Foam
•  And more

Versatility and performance
Featuring configurable load frame hardware, high-resolution controls and a customizable software toolset, MTS Criterion systems are ideal for addressing the unique and evolving needs of advanced materials research and development. Capable of delivering highly accurate and repeatable tension, compression, flexure and other basic tests, these systems free up high-demand dynamic systems for more complex evaluations. Additionally, MTS Criterion systems employ the same MTS TestSuite software platform, and can share many of the same high-quality accessories, utilized by dynamic MTS Landmark® servohydraulic test systems.

For the most complex or challenging applications, test engineers can enlist MTS consulting services to develop custom test flows, report templates and export templates. Crafted to perform to your exacting specifications, MTS Custom Templates include up to 30 days of free technical support to ensure that your unique test requirements are met completely.

Reliable, cost-efficient operation
The MTS Criterion family is backed by the global MTS Service and Support organization. Combining this responsive service with competitive pricing, these test systems are well suited for meeting the quality compliance and uptime demands of manufacturing QA/QC compliance and product development.

Manufacturing test professionals can also take advantage of pre-packaged, standards-compliant templates for use with MTS TestSuite TW software. This broad and growing selection of templates makes it fast and simple to run tests according to ASTM, ISO and EN standards. Templates are available for a wide variety of metals, polymers, construction materials and more.

Global utility
The intuitive, selectable multi-language MTS TestSuite TW software interface and adherence to worldwide safety and ergonomics directives make MTS Criterion systems an excellent foundation for establishing and maintaining global, standardized test procedures.

Learn more today
Explore further how new MTS Criterion systems can enhance the flexibility and efficiency of your research, development or manufacturing testing.



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