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MTS Fundamental Video Extensometer

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Integrate highly accurate, digital video measurements into test results and reports

Introducing the New MTS Fundamental Video Extensometer

Many material test specimens require the use of “noncontact” extensometry — a method of measurement that does not require making direct contact with the test specimen. Such specimens include those that are particularly fragile, prone to high elongation, feature difficult-to-attach-to geometries, require testing in caustic environments, or tend to “snap” at failure and release large amounts of energy.

The new, high-resolution MTS Fundamental Video Extensometer offers an affordable and highly accurate means of working with such problematic specimens. It leverages high-speed video technology to measure the displacements of metals, polymers, rubber and other materials from a distance, enabling the acquisition of precision test data in applications where it might otherwise be impossible.

This new video extensometer is fully compatible with TestWorks® Software to enable the seamless integration of highly accurate, digital video measurements into test results and reports. TestWorks is the world’s most full-featured universal testing software, making it easy to define, run, analyze and report on mechanical tests across a full spectrum of materials and component specimens.

To meet your specific test needs, the MTS Fundamental video extensometer is available in two configurations, both of which meet standards for IS0 9513 and EN 10002-4 (class 0.5 (20 mm)):

Configuration 1: Measures axial strain during tension and
   compression testing
Configuration 2: Measures biaxial strain during tension,
   compression and creep testing

Both configurations are available with multiple lenses for easily expanding or focusing the area of specimen measurement as needed.

Contact MTS today and learn how the new MTS Fundamental Video Extensometer can meet your precision, non-contact extensometry needs, easily and affordably.


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