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Bionix knee wear subsystem

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Multistation Bionix knee wear simulator

Bionix Knee Wear Solutions

Every day around the world, researchers and manufacturers depend on Bionix knee wear solutions to determine the long-term wear, fatigue and durability characteristics of implantable knee devices. They partner with MTS for a simple reason: our proven solutions help them conduct advanced, mechanical testing of devices with efficiency, precision and confidence. Bionix knee wear solutions are available in two configurations - single or multi-station - to meet a full spectrum of device testing needs, ranging from research and development to regulatory approval and production process validation.

Bionix Knee Wear Subsystem
Ideal for research and development, the single-station Bionix Knee Wear Subsystem is engineered to run the loading and displacement profiles required to thoroughly explore the wear characteristics of device designs and materials. When paired with the Bionix® Axial/Torsional Load Frame and FlexTest® controller configured for four-channel operation, this modular subsystem provides active flexion testing in a full six degrees of freedom, allowing you to program highly accurate simulation of level walking, climbing/descending stairs and sitting down/rising from a chair, either singularly or in any combination. An environmental chamber and catch basin are also included to replicate in-vivo conditions, with optional 37˚C temperature control.

Bionix Knee Wear Simulator
Designed to perform long-term wear and durability tests on several specimens simultaneously, the multistation Bionix Knee Wear Simulator is engineered to quickly generate the data necessary for gaining device approval, validating production processes and pursuing continued development. Bionix Knee Wear Simulators feature six test stations working side-by-side to facilitate statistically significant sampling in a fraction of the testing time. Each station employs a compact, modular design that combines the latest in MTS servohydraulic technology with proven FlexTest controls and software, equipping you to fulfill the most stringent research requirements and readily adapt to diverse and evolving standards.

Learn more today about how Bionix Knee Wear Solutions can help you improve the efficiency and precision of your implantable knee device long-term wear, fatigue and durability studies.


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