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TestWorks 4.12 Software Expands Library of Pre-defined Test Methods

TestWorks software, the world’s most full-featured universal testing package, provides highly capable test definition, easy operation and powerful analysis and reporting for testing materials, components and finished goods. The software’s intuitive runtime displays and selectable, multi-language interface make it the ideal foundation for establishing global, standardized test procedures.

New TestWorks software version 4.12 offers a host of additions to the software’s extensive and growing library of pre-defined test methods to support your global testing standardization. The new additions include three complete bundled methods sets — one for plastics, one for metals, and a third for construction materials — each designed to make it easier and more convenient to meet industry standards for specific test definition needs. Each test method within these bundled sets can also be purchased individually.

With these pre-defined test methods, your operators do not have to define test sequences — or even fully understand what a test is designed to accomplish. They simply have to run the method, having full confidence they are testing in compliance with international testing standards.

All TestWorks test methods have been fully tested to ensure quality, consistency and compliance with all relevant standards requirements, including ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN, BS and more. They are also available in multiple languages to facilitate consistent and repeatable testing around the world. Supported languages include English, Chinese, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

New TestWorks Methods Sets

Plastics MetalsConstruction Materials
ASTM D790-07e1:

ISO 178: 2001

ASTM D638-08


ISO 527 (sections 1-5)

ASTM D624-00 (2007)

ASTM D412-06ae2

ISO 1798: 2008

ISO 604: 2002

ASTM D695-08

ISO 6892-1: 2009

ASTM E9-09

ASTM E290-09

ISO 7438: 2005

ASTM E21-09

ISO 783: 1999

ASTM E517-00(2006)e1

ASTM E646-07

EN 10002-1: 2001

ASTM A370 (Tensile and bend only)

ASTM A48M-03 (2008)
ASTM F606-07


ISO 15630:01

ISO 1920-4: 2005 (flexural)

ISO 1920-4: 2005 (tensile)

ASTM A185/A185M-07

ASTM A615M-9a

ISO 15630-2-2002

ASTM A82/A82M-07

EN 10080: 2005

With its growing library of pre-defined test methods, intuitive runtime displays and selectable, multi-language interface, TestWorks software is the ideal solution for establishing and maintaining standardized universal testing procedures worldwide. Learn more about TestWorks 4.12 software today.


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