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Pursue a full range of rock/concrete testing requirements with MTS uniaxial and triaxial accessories

Researchers worldwide turn to MTS for the technology they need to accurately and efficiently determine the physical characteristics of rock and concrete materials for research, industrial and commercial applications. This technology includes proven, top-quality accessories for tailoring base MTS concrete and rock test systems to meet a full range of testing requirements and comply with the most rigorous industry standards.

MTS triaxial rock/concrete testing accessory packages can be integrated into MTS rock and concrete test systems to enable high-fidelity simulation of the natural, in-situ conditions of rock or concrete materials, including stresses, temperature, and pore fluid pressure. Base triaxial testing packages include a Model 656 Triaxial Cell, confining pressure intensifier, and MTS triaxial rock mechanics software. Additional accessories include a high-temperature control package, in–vessel load cells and extensometers and pore pressure intensifiers. These packages can be used in combination with ultrasonic velocity and acoustic emission measurement systems.

MTS uniaxial rock/concrete testing accessory packages are configured around requirements for standard tests of rock and concrete. Each package includes all the necessary hardware for integrating the accessories into the base uniaxial testing system, along with the necessary measurement transducers and application software. Fixturing is available for compression, indirect tension, direct tension, and fracture toughness test applications. All fixtures include alignment features to ensure precise specimen installation and force application.

Learn how the full array of MTS uniaxial and triaxial accessories can augment your rock or concrete testing capabilities.


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