V18 - GEN - Product Story 1
A tightly integrated fracture mechanics system featuring a standard MTS Landmark™ load frame, SilentFlo™ HPU, FlexTest digital controller, and PC running MTS TestSuite software.

V18 - GEN - Product Story 2
High-quality fracture mechanics grips and crack opening displacement gage.

V18 - GEN - Product Story 3
Model 651 Environmental Chamber for elevated temperature testing.

MTS Fracture Mechanics Solutions

Test engineers worldwide rely on MTS test solutions to meet a full range of fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth requirements. Meeting these requirements requires precision dynamic performance to establish uniform crack growth, as well as the ability to perform a controlled ramp to failure for a wide range of materials and specimen geometries. MTS addresses these needs with a complete fracture mechanics offering, comprising the following high-performance MTS technologies.

MTS Servohydraulic Test Systems
Versatile MTS standard and high-force test systems combine the dynamic performance needed for rapid, high frequency pre-cracking of specimens along with the high axial stiffness required to accurately determine toughness.

Versatile FlexTest® Digital Controllers
FlexTest digital controllers deliver the tight system control critical for meaningful fracture mechanics testing. They feature higher speeds and channel densities to keep pace with evolving test demands, and share common hardware boards and user interface tools, simplifying test standardization and optimization.

Modular MTS TestSuite Software
The latest iteration of MTS TestSuite software, version 1.6, includes a complete selection of fracture mechanics testing modules, including:
• Fatigue Crack Growth Modules for Clip Gage, Crack Gage, and Direct Current Potential Drop
• Fracture Toughness Modules for KIC, CTOD, JIC-CTOD

High-quality Test Accessories
The MTS fracture mechanics offering features three families of precision Crack Opening Displacement (COD) gages, a selection of high-performance grips and fixtures, and accessories for elevated temperature testing.

Crack Opening Displacement (COD) Gages:
• Model 632.02 gages, designed specifically for ASTM E399
• Model 632.03 gages for KIC, JIC, crack growth, and R-curve determination
• Model 632.05 gages for high frequency crack growth

Grips & Fixtures:
• Model 640 clevis grips for C(T) specimens
• Model 642 bend fixtures for SE(B) specimens
• Model 647 hydraulic wedge grips for M(T) specimens
• Custom grips for extra large panels

Unrivaled MTS Service & Support
MTS augments its fracture mechanics solutions with a global offering of services, including calibration, alignment, routine maintenance, and training.

No matter what your specific fracture mechanics test needs, MTS provides the tightly integrated mix of hardware, software and support required to meet them with accuracy and efficiency.

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