Addressing the Spectrum of High Force Materials and Component Testing Needs

MTS pioneered the servohydraulic load frame technology that remains a materials-testing mainstay to this day across a broad spectrum of industries. One of the most enduring of the numerous MTS servohydraulic load unit configurations is the Model 311.

High-Force Model 311 Test Systems are deployed worldwide, performing dynamic testing of large, high-strength materials, component and structural specimens for industries such as civil engineering, aerospace, ground vehicles and more. These systems are designed to provide the user a tool that will meet every testing challenge, from simple strength testing, through dynamic characterization of structures, to comprehensive fracture and fatigue testing.

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Model 311 load frames are uniquely suited for the tremendous demands of high-force, high-velocity tension and compression, and high frequency fatigue testing - features include:

> Ultra-stiff, four-column configurations for optimal high-force loading

> A true dynamic design that ensures continuous over-center reliability in tension-compression cycling

> Hydraulic crosshead lift and lock mechanisms that simplify setup and facilitate safe operation

> Optimized alignment to control bending strain and improve accuracy

> Choice of free-standing, self-supporting frame or strong floor-integrated base configuration

> Custom, application-specific hydraulic distribution systems

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In combination with FlexTest® digital controls, MTS test application software and a full range of high-force grips and fixtures, Model 311 Test Systems can be readily configured for virtually any materials or component specimen requiring high-force testing. These include:

> Metal components such as sheet, plate or bar, structural steel, welds, wire, cable, chain, and castings or forgings

> Civil structures and substructures such as beams, columns, rebar, bearings or fasteners, or construction materials such as composites or concrete

> Aerospace components and sub-structures

> Oil and gas pipeline components

> Rail structures and components

> Wind turbine structures and components

> Geomaterials

MTS is the global leader for high-force materials and components testing with well over 300 Model 311Test Systems deployed worldwide. Learn how this proven solution can benefit your test program today.


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