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Meet advanced R&D testing requirements with full-featured Advantage™ grips

MTS complements its MTS Insight line of universal test systems with a complete array of accessories to meet a full spectrum of materials and small component testing. To meet the demands of high-end researchers we offer highly versatile and full-featured Advantage accessories.

The Advantage family includes a full selection of pneumatic, screw action and mechanical wedge grips for R&D testing of advanced composites and alloys. Ideal for the needs of the high-end researcher, Advantage accessories accommodate a very broad range of clamping force and temperature requirements and feature numerous control and grip face options. They’re also backed by three years of warranty coverage — the industry’s best

The Advantage family includes:

10 N Pneumatic Grips, designed specifically for low-force tensile applications. They work well on thin specimens with low breaking strengths, such as gold wire in electronics, tungsten wire, thermocouples, gels and plastic films.

100/200/2000 N Pneumatic Grips. A lightweight design makes these grips ideal for low-force testing of a wide variety of materials, including elastomers, thin sheets, films and tapes.

Screw Action Grips. These grips provide twice the clamp force of comparably rated pneumatic grips, and can operate at temperatures ranging from –129˚C to 200˚C (-200˚F to 400˚F) using aluminum pucks.

Mechanical Wedge Grips. Available in a broad range of capacities, these compact, lightweight and easy-to-handle general-purpose grips are ideal for applications in which screw or pneumatic grips will not suffice.

Learn more today about how Advantage grips can benefit your advanced R&D testing.


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