Maximize Testing Capabilities While Minimizing Costs

It’s the ideal solution for the times. Instead of purchasing a new test system to gain cutting-edge software and control capabilities, you can add them to the legacy system you already own for a fraction of the cost.

In today’s challenging economic conditions, material test labs must find a way to do even more with less. Cash flow and headcounts are down, while the pressure to conduct higher-quality testing in less time remains constant.

Some test labs have chosen to delay adopting the latest testing technology until market conditions improve, in the interest of saving money. But in doing so, these labs are also denying themselves of new capabilities that could help them optimize their efficiency — which is precisely what is needed to weather a difficult economy.

Fortunately, there is a way to control costs and adopt cutting-edge technology at the same time. Instead of buying new, you can upgrade your legacy universal test system with the very latest in test software and digital control innovation. Most universal test systems employ the same basic electromechanical load and control scheme. By refurbishing system electronics and controls, you can dramatically extend both system life and productivity.

The industry’s most cost-effective refurbishment package is the ReNew™ Upgrade, in which MTS retrofits your existing test system — whether MTS, Instron®, Zwick, Thwing-Albert or almost any other manufacturer — with state-of-the-art digital controls and a new PC running best-in-class TestWorks® application software. You’ll get the tremendous efficiency advantages of the latest universal testing technology, at roughly half the cost of buying a new low-force load frame, and one-tenth of the cost of buying a new high-force system.

In addition, a ReNew upgrade could qualify as an operational expense instead of a capital expense, making it easier to locate funding in your budget.

“High-definition” digital control
ReNew upgrades include the improved MTS Insight® digital controller, capable of achieving a 1,000 Hz data acquisition rate —20 times faster than typical EM controllers on the market. This means you have 20 times more data points to draw a curve, yielding highly detailed and statistically relevant test data in far fewer test cycles.

Best-in-class software
The world’s most elegant universal testing package, TestWorks software enhances your ability to perform accurate and repeatable mechanical testing of materials, components and finished goods across a full spectrum of applications. It provides the sophistication to address complex research demands; the flexibility to adapt to changing development requirements; and the simplicity and ease-of-use needed for quick and efficient product quality assurance and quality control testing. TestWorks software offers the ideal combination of full-featured test definition, user-friendly runtime operation and robust analysis and reporting. With TestWorks software you will quickly create, customize and share test methods to meet both industry test standards and more unique, custom requirements. Your lab will save additional time by utilizing the growing array of pre-packaged TestWorks methods or MTS Custom Test Template Development Services. Your operators will then run these tests from a simple, easy-to-use interface and report on results in the format of your choice.

Responsive service
In addition to software and hardware, every ReNew upgrade gives you access to unrivaled MTS service and support. Our engineers have decades of experience in material test system configuration around the world, and they know exactly what it takes to get you the highest return on your ReNew investment. Each upgrade includes one year of free technical support, along with one-year warranty coverage on the software and controller.

Advanced accessories
A ReNew upgrade also allows you to integrate a broad range of world-class accessories with your legacy load frames. MTS offers a comprehensive selection of proven, top-quality accessories designed to meet rigorous industry standards. You’ll find everything from load cells and extensometers to bend fixtures and grips, all optimized to improve the fidelity and efficiency of your material tests.

Three convenient upgrade paths
You can begin your ReNew upgrade with any of these progressive upgrade paths, each designed to meet a specific machine and budgetary requirement.

1. Data Acquisition (DA) upgrade. Our most economical option, the ReNew/DA upgrade adds state-of-the-art data acquisition capabilities to your existing test setup. If your existing system still delivers good mechanical and electronic performance, this is an affordable way to take advantage of the productivity-enhancing data acquisition, analysis and reporting capabilities of TestWorks software.

2. Full Control (FC) upgrade. This upgrade path offers a more robust alternative to the ReNew/DA upgrade, equipping you with full test system control through TestWorks software. This path also requires that your legacy test system performs well both mechanically and electronically.

3. Electronics (E) upgrade. If your test system is still mechanically sound but could use an electronics upgrade, ReNew/E provides the ideal upgrade path. On top of equipping you with full test system control through TestWorks software, we’ll replace your existing control electronics with state-of-the-art MTS electronics. We will also swap the system’s motor and servo-amp with high-performance MTS units, if necessary.

Upgrade today
Times are certainly tight, but that doesn’t mean you have to refrain from employing the very latest testing technology in your material test lab. By by pursuing a ReNew upgrade, you can revitalize your existing universal test system at minimal cost. Learn more today.

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