V11 - GEN - Product Story

Simultaneously apply normal and shearing stress to rock and concrete specimens

MTS now offers a direct shear package that extends the utility of MTS Model 815 and 816 Rock & Concrete Mechanics Test Systems. The package enables the seamless integration of a load frame optimized for direct shear applications into new or existing MTS Model rock and concrete test systems, allowing you to subject cylindrical, prismatic, or irregularly shaped specimens of intact or jointed rock or concrete to both normal and shearing stresses simultaneously.

Key design capabilities of the direct shear package include:

• Stiff, compact load reaction time
• Highly accurate displacement measurement via a shearing actuator with coaxially mounted LVDT inside the piston rod
• Precise, strain-gauged measurement of shear stresses
• A low-profile, high-stiffness, shear-web design with an attachment for cyclic reverse loading
• A shear box (specimen container) with six LVDTs for measuring normal displacement, pitch, roll, shear displacement, and yaw

Horizontal placement is guided by a precision linear bearing, designed for low-friction operation and a single degree of freedom. The long guide of the bearing provides outstanding resistance to overturning moments that can cause premature tensile failure.

By adding the easy-to-integrate direct shear capability to your MTS Model 815 and 816 test system, you can achieve new levels of efficiency and insight into characterizing the performance of rock and concrete. Contact your MTS representative to learn more today.


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