V11 - GEN - Material Story

TestWorks 4.11b delivers new levels of efficiency and flexibility

Successful material testing today requires an ability to adapt readily to ever-changing standards and requirements. Newly released MTS TestWorks® 4.11b software offers more features and flexibility than ever to help you thrive in such an environment.

This new TestWorks release is available as a free upgrade to test labs currently using TestWorks version 4.9 or later, and is currently being shipped to these customers around the world.

Best-in-class TestWorks software delivers the functionality, flexibility, and ease-of-use you need to meet your current and future static testing needs. User-friendly menus and controls make test definition, execution, and report generation remarkably simple. The software also provides the utmost flexibility to create, customize, and share test methods, helping you successfully meet industry-standard testing requirements while performing unique and advanced tests.

Key TestWorks 4.11b software enhancements include:

• An enhanced control algorithm for more robust axial and torsional testing
• Series IX test and data file import capabilities
• Convenient toggling between multiple real-time data plots
• Support for Modbus Eurotherm temperature controllers and RS-232 laser extensometers
• Extended support for NiDaq-MX boards

If you use TestWorks version 4.9 or later, watch for this efficiency-enhancing software upgrade to arrive soon. If you currently use other software to support your material static testing, now is the perfect time to make the change to TestWorks software. Learn more about this best-in-class software today.


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