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MTS Landmark™ System:  Your next frame of mind

MTS product manager Scott Jiran discusses the new MTS Landmark™ servohydraulic test system, poised to set the new standard for material testing technology.

Q: Describe the new introduction. What prompted you to pursue its development?

Jiran: The MTS Landmark test system represents the next generation in servohydraulic testing technology. It’s a major milestone in our company’s 40-year history of servohydraulic technology leadership, and we are truly excited about this introduction.

While the current MTS servohydraulic technology offers unmatched precision, repeatability and versatility, we recognize that room always exists for improvement.

So we set out to optimize every aspect of our servohydraulic test system technology. To do so, we first sat down with material test engineers from around the world, and meticulously documented their requirements and concerns. These are the people who use these load frames every day, and their input was instrumental.

We then embarked on a world-class industrial design program to build a servohydraulic test system that addresses all of our customers’ critical demands. The end result is the MTS Landmark system.

Q: What are the key features of this test system?

Jiran: First, it offers the superior performance made possible by MTS’ unmatched expertise in servohydraulic innovation. We pioneered the technology that is currently the industry standard, which the new Landmark system carries forward to deliver precision performance and highly repeatable test results.

Such technology includes newly designed, extremely stiff 370 load frames, trouble-free SilentFlo™ hydraulic power units, and smooth-ramping hydraulic service manifolds. Combined with best-in-class MTS FlexTest® control systems, software and service, the MTS Landmark system stands out as the world’s premier material testing platform.

The system also includes several new innovations, such as a Cylinder-Centric Design that integrates fatigue-rated MTS actuators directly into a cast-steel crossbeam. This design minimizes the number of required joints, yielding a frame that exhibits high axial and lateral stiffness, while being extremely easy to service. Precision-machined connections between the actuator cylinder and end-caps also ensures consistent alignment over the life of the system.

Operator well-being was also a primary concern in developing the MTS Landmark system. To this end, the new test system features intuitive, centralized controls and an ergonomic workspace that enables operators to safely and reliably perform more tests with fewer damaged or misaligned specimens.

Q: What can customers expect in terms of order turnaround times?

Jiran: Throughout our research, our customers repeatedly stressed the importance of quickly procuring test systems configured to their exact testing requirements. We responded by creating a dedicated manufacturing facility for the MTS Landmark system that optimizes order turnaround times and maximizes available configuration options.

For our customers, this means they can get a system configured to their exact test needs and delivered to their lab within a very competitive timeframe. And they can easily and affordably build upon their original investment to keep pace as new testing requirements emerge.

Q: How will material test labs benefit from using the MTS Landmark load frame?
Jiran: By adding the MTS Landmark Test System to their operations, test labs will have a common platform for efficiently meeting both their current and future testing demands. And test engineers will be equipped to run the same tests they have always run, only in a safer, more efficient fashion.

Combined with our state-of-the-art FlexTest digital controls and full array of industry-leading MTS application software, MTS Landmark is poised to reframe what labs expect from their material test systems for decades to come.


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