V8 - GEN - Product Story

New accessories dramatically expand monotonic testing applications

Test labs now have more accessories options — and more potential applications — than ever for the MTS Insight™ electromechanical test system.

We recently introduced the MTS Fundamental™ accessories family, a complete line of affordable grips and fixtures designed to support the basic monotonic testing of materials and small components. These new accessories are especially well suited for testing plastics, textiles, rubber, wire and rope.

We also recently introduced several new grips, fixtures and compression platens for the MTS Bionix® accessories family, optimized to support the monotonic testing of biomaterials, medical device components, and medical packaging and consumables. The new accessories equip test labs to effectively and economically engage a greater variety of specimens, helping them meet the specific requirements of a broader range of tests.

In addition to their affordability, all these new accessories have been engineered for utmost durability, ease-of-use and precision. A universal adapter design facilitates easy installation, and optional threaded frame adapters further enhance installation versatility. Anti-rotation features and integrated alignment pins help to optimize the accuracy and repeatability of every test.

The high-performance Advantage™ accessories family rounds out the MTS accessories offering for the MTS Insight test system. With the addition of the new Fundamental family and new accessories for the Bionix family, MTS is your single-source supplier of monotonic testing solutions. Possible applications range from basic quality control to the most complex biomedical and R&D applications.

By making a nominal investment in the new Fundamental or Bionix accessories, you can open a new world of testing opportunities on the MTS Insight platform. Order yours today!


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